Owl Computing delivers secure cross-domain solutions
DualDiode Technology is the Owl data diode component for secure file, TCP/IP, UDP, streaming video, and syslog message information transfer. Secure Reliable Fast data diode transfer of all data types and protocol formats Owl Computing delivers secure cross-domain solutions
Owl Computing delivers secure cross-domain solutions

Information Assurance
Secure One-Way Information Transfer
Owl DualDiode® Technology ­­ Information Exchange Gateway Data Diodes

Secure, reliable, information sharing with complete protection against data leakage

Sharing information between networks of different security levels & policies has never been more challenging, or more important. Data volumes increase, it becomes necessary to share more data types (from sensor telemetry, to streaming video to high resolution image files). At the same time, threats to information security are increasingly frequent and malicious.

Military organisations, intelligence and civilian government agencies, the power generation and distribution industries – all must address these issues. With over 1,000 deployments of our hardware-enforced transfer systems, Owl Computing offers the most extensive and reliable solutions to meet the secure transfer needs of our customers.

To meet our customers´ cybersecurity needs, Owl products:

• Transfer information one way with absolute data confidentiality

• Transfer information from multiple data sources, and in multiple data types, across a single Owl DualDiode system

• Protect sending and receiving network domains by using the Owl custom protocol break

• Assure the integrity of data transfer with   Common Criteria EAL-4 certified Owl hardware

• Take confidence in TUV-certified   operational safety

Specially designed hardware and software make up a basic Owl system

Owl Communication Cards (Send-only and Receive-only), with Owl–designed drivers, form a dual in–line diode; each card is custom-manufactured to allow one–way–only data transfer. With one–way–only data transfer, an Owl installation ensures that no information of any kind, including handshake protocols (TCP/IP, SCSI, serial/parallel port, etc.), passes from the destination Receive–only network back to the source Send–only network.

Owl application specific software completes an Owl system. Owl software is mounted on both Send–only and Receive-only platforms. Send–only software converts user data to Owl format for transfer; receive–only software restores user data to its original type and format. Owl applications support a broad range of data types — files and directory structures, TCP/IP packet streams, UDP datagram traffic, and UNIX syslog messages and SNMP TRAPs. Multiple data streams, and multiple data types, may be transferred over the same set of Owl hardware and software.

Owl Communication Cards are certified to Common Criteria EAL-4

To learn more, and to contact an Owl representative with your queries, go to: www.owlcti.com
Common Criteria EAL-4 Certified Owl Hardware TUV-Certified Operational Safety